Martin Higney - Work From Home DadMartin Higney Hello, my name Martin Edward Higney, I’m from Glasgow,  Scotland and I have been Marketing professionally around 18 months. I have a beautiful daughter named Zara. Zara has just turned 4 years old. My beautiful wife Alexandra an I have been married 10 wonderful years.

I turned to Internet Marketing a few years back after I suffered a serious accident at work. My business at the time was Construction/ Carpentry. I had fallen off a scaffold and broke my arm, collar bone and dislocated my shoulder. This was a serious injury costing me to miss a year of work. As I was self employed I had zero back up money, and with a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, I was in dire straights.

Things became desperate within 2 months. I had no money, a mortgage in arrears and things were only getting worse. I borrowed from Family and friends, and had no idea how I was going to repay it. I was £15,000 (25,000 US Dollar) in the red and things were getting worse by the day! I started searching the internet for ways of making money online, I had no clue who to trust or what was a scam or not… every thing looked to good to be true.. sign up here and make 30k per month.. I mean its possible but come on, not for someone who has never even tried Internet Marketing before.

After what felt like weeks, I had finally found a mentor. It was about 3.30 am and this guy took me under his wing for the next 6 months ( there really are good genuine people out there who want to see you succeed) His name was Drew and he was from the other side of the world from me, we instantly clicked and he taught me everything I needed to know on how to make a living online.. I have never looked back since and have went from strength to strength. I’m still in regular contact with Drew and between us we have helped countless people find their way online. Fast forward a year and I’m now having the most amazing fun Marketing online.

I specialize in Social media Marketing, and coach people on Facebook on how to do the same. A while back, I came into contact with Jeffrey on Facebook, my now business partner. He is a creative genius when it come to creating website blogs… you name it he can do it. This is a dream partnership for us, and we are making it our mission to help as many people break away from that 9-5 grind, break free of the shackles if you will and start enjoying a life free from financial worry and total time freedom to spend with loved ones.

The internet is a gold mine, and i thank God every day for that little accident I had at work as I would still be doing it with zero hope of finding this wonderful lifestyle.

Jeff Darraugh - Work at home dadJeff Darraugh Hi, My name is Jeff Darraugh from Brooklyn, N.Y. USA. I now live in a quiet New Jersey neighborhood with my lovely wife Dawn and Daughter Nicole. I have been a web designer and programmer since 1999 and have had moderate success in internet marketing, for more than 15 years. I suffered similar circumstances as Martin.

I too got hurt on the job(back injury). It wasn’t long before the money got tight and I had too look for other ways of putting food on the table. I quickly learned web design(self taught) and dabbled in internet marketing. At the time (2000), marketing seemed easy. I would pay for a few ads on google, and with very little competition, it seemed like taking candy from a baby. As my injury heeled, I returned to my full time job. I put down internet marketing for a while with the thought that ‘I could always get back to it’. Ha!!! A few years later I tried to get ‘back into the game’, and found that everything had changed.

Marketing on the internet became much more competitive, and the keywords that I was formerly paying a few cents for, were now bidding for a few dollars. Nevertheless I marched forward. I spent night after night in front of the computer to make a few extra bucks. After a few years of late nights and weary eyes I realized that to make real money doing internet marketing, I was going to need some help.

Enter Martin. I was just poking around Facebook one afternoon. Wading through the daily monotony of FB complainers, smut peddlers and aggressive marketing and I came across a post from one MR Martin Higney. His honesty and straight forward approach was refreshing. We got to talking and the rest is history. Martins attraction and social marketing savvy combined with my design and programming capabilities have forged the beginnings of an All Star team.

We stress team because we are looking to grow exponentially with the combined efforts and talents of thousands of teammates. Martin and I urge you to turn your ship around and join a Team destined for the Golden Shores of wealth and prosperity.


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